Exciting poll: do those palisades look right to you?

All palisade-foundations in this picture have 1/250 health. So they’ve been set up, but no villager has touched them yet. However some of them look different than the others (marked in yellow) and to me they appear wrong (they look as if they have had been touched already).

  • A: that’s messed up and totally wrong! Definitely a bug!
  • B: No, always been that way, because something, L-shape, different sprite, something, vertical edge, corner-piece, blablabla. Not a bug, you’re crazy!

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Here’s a closeup, where you can see that some of 'em even have rope, already!
In my opinion, everybody knows that if the rope is already there, then you’re definitely almost close to finished with the palisades.

Doesn’t they have slightly different models to mark the edges of a palisade line?


Edited and provided a zoomed-in picture. If those are meant to denote different edges, I’d say that’s a bad way to do it.

Well, that’s a solid and acceptable opinion, but has nothing to do with bugs or glitched graphics. You could say that to literally any other thing in the game.

Do you remember it always being like that? I’m not sure. (also too lazy to fire up HD-edition)
Hence the poll. Also I was looking for an excuse to make a poll, once the bot taught me how.

It’s absolutely natural and expected that things will look ~different~ in a remake, and it’s fine if you don’t like some of them, but I don’t find these problematic at all.

What abou this poll: Wich taunt better for BM? 104 or 105

Also, none of the buildings in previous versions of AoE II had this “under construction foreshadow”, this is a new graphical feature for DE, every building has that. This way you can know what a building will be just by looking at it. For example, you can distinguish by a glance a palisade edge from a tower.

It’s always been that way.
Here is a screenshot from HD.
It does that to end and corner pieces.


Ah, then it indeed has not been like that. Because there is a foundation with the different style, that is neither corner nor edge pieces!

why not add in a few screenies with progress of palisade walls along with that of towers? I think it might be a good bluff tactic to make an enemy think you are going to tower-rush them.


Show me, the windows-snipping tool is available for everyone!
You can’t see enemy building foundations, though. (unless they’ve begun work)

Which one is neither a corner nor edge? All of the palisade tiles that look different appear to be corner/edges.

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Well, since you’re focused on the rope, here is another screenshot from HD.
The rope shows only when running north-west/south-east.
It has always been like this.


yeah, you’re right. Or rather I’m not sure. I thought there was a third one on top, but now I’m not so sure, anymore. Posted this yesterday night. Hard to remember what I was on about that long ago :slight_smile:

wait what? what you were on YESTERDAY night? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: There is a old saying, “don’t complain about hemp ropes if you’re one yourself” :wink: (jk)

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Could that explain why sometimes I swear that I hammered that one palisade, but it turns out to be a gap?

Imo a building foundation should only appear under construction if it is over 1% built. It seems like this feature is adding unneeded complexity. There is no logical connection to why an identical piece on a corner should have more building material on it, and the information it provides us is already pretty obvious. I don’t see any benefits to the current behavior other than being aestethically pleasing.

It would benefit gameplay if this were removed, I would love a mod for it.

On the topic of palisades, I think the flags flap too much. I don’t think they should be grabbing that much attention, they were more modest on HD. This becomes extra apparent when you quickwall and you have many single pieces of palisade.


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That’s why I have no need for the hemp rope, you see :slight_smile:

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The color of the wood before construction is a deeper, more saturated brown then the fully constructed version. That’s the only issue I might have, since the wood colors don’t match pre-construction/post-construction… but I’ve never noticed in-game. Maybe during gameplay it makes sense to be more saturated pre-construction? I’ll have to test. PS: Then again, I rarely build palisade walls.

Because the finished corners are taller, so require more “material”… perhaps?

I suppose, I’d be mollified if there was a visual mod to make the appearance consistent.

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