Existing Chinese bugs

Game Version:2.8

  • Build ((####))current


As for the Chinese civilization alot of bugs have been fixed but few still remain, female villagers still dont hold grain baskets correctly when building farms , sitting tigers wheels still grow and shrink while moving , fire ships still dont fire from the barrel, they shoot off to the side of the unit model,the greek physician hero and the immortals both dont have idle relic annimations so if they pick relic up ,wait then move it glitches out and slides across the ground, also physicians model is to small and stretches when holding relic. And lastly the transport ship death annimation is bugged, the flags remain still and floating when the ship dies and sinks.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. just build the mentioned units and look at their annimations

Oh and fire Lance’s dont have panic annimations, so if they get picked up by something like cyclops or spiders eggs trap or carnivora,they just immediately disappear