Hello everyone,

After many many years of not playing, I returned after buying the new definitive edition with Swedes/Inca’s.
Been loving playing so far.
Can already play vs bots on extreme again, so im gonna try to branch out into multiplayer.

But heres my question or well actually questions though:
I remember when I used to play that online Civs were different than your offline civs, but now it seems my offline civs dictate the level my civs are in multiplayer as well? Is this correct and does this also work the other way around?

Speaking of levels:
What is the current best way of gaining exp per civ?

We used to have a few tricks like plantation swapping and I believe that your highest civ would allow you to create other civs at or near that same level, but that doesnt seem to be the case now either?
So, can anyone give me some answers and or pointers to my questions?

Thanks alot!

Yes, home cities are not separate anymore.

There is essentially no point of gaining levels. All cards, politicians and consulate options are unlocked for all players from the start. You can simply go ahead and play :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the answer.