Experiencing Mouse Lag on Xbox Series S with AoE4 - Seeking Insights

I am thrilled to play Age of Empires IV on my Xbox Series S, and using a controller has been quite smooth. However, I have a preference for playing with a mouse and keyboard. Unfortunately, I’m encountering a notable issue that’s impacting my gameplay experience.

When I connect a mouse to my Xbox Series S, there’s an approximate 0.3-second delay in cursor movement during gameplay. This lag is persistent whether I use a wired or a wireless mouse. This delay, although seemingly small, significantly hampers my gaming experience.

I am unsure if this is a performance limitation of the Xbox Series S or an issue with the game’s compatibility with mice. I’m reaching out to the community and the official team to find out if others are experiencing the same issue on this setup. Any insights or solutions would be greatly appreciated. If this is a known issue, is there any workaround or planned fix for it?

Looking forward to your responses and thank you in advance for your help!

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Similar issue on xbox X. I use a mouse and I am the only one in my group that uses a mouse vs controller and I am the only one with lag. Doesnt happen if I use the controller. It tends to happen a lot towards the end of the game as the battles pick up size and intensity. My lag is worse than .3 seconds, it ends up being 3-4 seconds of freezing at a time and almost impossible to play.

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Has anyone followed up on this issue?

Thanks all.
We appreciate these reports and will look into it when we can.