Explain this someone! or is this a HACK?

(ALL decks and after match stats attached)

So I was playing this ranked game as India with a Friend as China! and we are not Ultra pros, but neither bad (fairly above average IMO)

in this game, the OTTO gone to Fast Industrial at 12 min, and Sweden got around 100 pop of hackepelite , n otto got great bombards and 4 spahi shipments.

His ECONOMY section score for UNITS is ZERO
But he has, 8 spahis + 5 Great Bombards! WITHOUT having a single factory! and so many villagers as idle (I have attached all the stats of the game)

  • Im not an otto or sweden player

So if this is due to new age politician or some sort of strategy! so kindly share ur views! but the pace at which the initial 3 bombards “Spawned” was phenomenal! I worry if the hacks of aoe3 legacy (yes they exists) are ported to aoe3DE

and it all put me in awe! worry! and Suspicion ! how this is happening so fast paced! specially after watching the idle vills and “0” UNITS score in economy, help is appreciated

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i dont see anything wrong ? u can have 5 bombards in age 4 (2 from deck and 3 from church). as for the sweden

If you haven’t played another match since, I would recommend saving and re-watching the recorded game. You can find it in %USERPROFILE%\Games\Age of Empires 3 DE\<id number>\Savegame (Record Game.age3Yrec).


yup, seem fair to me.

Card + church = 0 ressources used for units.

The question is why u let an otto that make 0 units play until 12 minutes. :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha! That was a blunder! Really! But without even a single outpost!? He had 2-3 shipments of spahis and 5 Bombards

why dont u watch the replay instead of posting here when u can answer it ur self :smiley:

Unfortunately, the replay is not available.

camp98 is me,

it’s all legitim what happened…
Let me boom and you will face 50 hakka’s :wink:
You can mass great bombards easily when not under pressure…
FI is a good build…
Mass hakka is more situational since they are expensive…
Skirmisher don’t counter them but goons do!



ooooooohhhh thats what i was looking for!

Church plus saving probably, since it most likely was the strat from age 2 if not earlier he probably keept atleast 1 spare from age 2 or 3

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but don’t stack the goons in a place since hakka deals aoe dmg…
hakka are basically HEAVY CAVALERY, but since they have a range attack only extreme counter like halbs or goons bet them. Muskets will lose if clumped up in a spot

This fact is absolutely sad :slight_smile: shouldnt they be nerfed ? atleast their area damage!? or ranged attack

They are afterall very slow, they are only “op” if made by india, since i never had problems with ottomans lategame

You would have been fine with going zamburak only with both camel age 2 cards.
You should have followed after his FF. Also economy is lot behind the enemy.
Im curious about the late age ups. Was there colonial fights?

nah ! no age2 fight! also there was a blunder from my side too! I didnt scout “enough”, neither rushed, coz waited for my chinese mate to hit age 3!

yep! now I know