[Exploit] Relic bug with one monk and 3+ monastery to generate gold faster (NOT the RUS exploit)

You can generate more than the intended 100 gold units/minute by using one monk and 3+ monasteries.

Video link proof: Age of Empires 4 - Relic Bug Exploit: Fast gold with 3+ monasteries (NOT the RUS duplication bug) - YouTube

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build 3 monasteries very close to eachother
  2. Deliver a relic inside the first monastery
  3. Pick up the relic with the monk, by right clicking the building, the relic will get in the monk’s hands
  4. Place the relic inside the adjacent monastery, the second one
  5. Pick up the relic again from the second monastery, place it in the third one
  6. Repeat the loop

I managed to get nearly 240 gold units in one minute, but I am pretty sure you can do better.

P.S. please remember to update AOE1:DE too, we are waiting for fixes and balancements!

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Thanks @eartahhj! This has been logged so we can track it internally. Appreciate the report!