Explorer card buff for Spain

Hi! Spain player here. Was wondering if War dog build limit buff can make a return from the explorer card. Its kind of underwhelming. Would love to see at least a +3 build limit for dogs.

as of now India with 20+ Tigers and Aztecs with 12 Jaguars kinda overshadow the buff.

8 doesn’t sound bad to me at least. You can increase the cost of spanish war dogs by 10-20 to balance it out once expo card is sent in case you think its imbalanced.

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Qué versión juegas? Los envíos españoles ya no aumentan el límite de perros, solo puedes tener 5

I think 5 to 7 are perfect

Add cost +5/10 food not bad, dogs are nice and the explorer card also buff stats

I mean if they buff White Pagoda to be as strong as Spanish dogs I’ll take it, otherwise it seems preeeetty unfair.

I know. I play DE. Thats why im asking devs to bring it back. Since they are too lazy to add new stuff to spain like Germans,French and Ottoman. They can tweak to some overshadow cards. Spanish dogs are only 5 in DE. 8 isnt so bad/

But a monk punch can crit and the Shaolin master can punch your units to make them for free lolololol

I think if you want to do it, you would probably have to trade the 20% war dog attack and hp for +2-3 more dog build limit.

You should keep in mind that India has to invest more for the Tigers and WDs have a much higher attack than Aztec Jaguars

But they still get 20 of them and their white tiger has a anti skirm attack lol and there are 2 Indian monks with AREA attack that can train tigers at the same time lols

The thing is, India has to send a card to get the regular Tigers. India’s cards cost more than Spain’s.

As for the White Tigers, you have to research the tech.

War dogs are a core part of Spain whereas Tigers are rarely used by India.

I would agree with some reasonable nerfs to India, but buffing something that is already really good about Spain is not needed imo

Yeah well, it still doesn’t add up

If you add the 10% the attack is like 13, but not really because your disciple could die without landing any critical damage as well.

Dogs have 22% more health and 34% more attack. For perspective, the health difference is more than a veteran upgrade, and the attack more than a guard upgrade.

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