Explorers should be given special abilities

Explorers should be given special abilities

Every explorer should have at least one special ability. As a special ability, for example, the explorer can hide himself for 20 seconds. Or, as another special ability, the explorer can double his attack speed for 10 seconds. Special abilities such as these can be given to explorers. In this way, explorers can become more useful in the game.

I have a better idea, how about they give us a character creator and we decide what abilities and appearance we want our characters to have? I propose one similar to the one in Battle for Middle Earth 2. :slightly_smiling_face:


mfw aoe3 slowly turns into an mmorpg


Imo if anything more should be done here it’d be revamping the Explorer cards to make them more useful. Uniqueness was already added a little while back. Having said that, I’m not even convinced that’d be a good idea.

Euro explorers are good already, the native/Asian civs are kinda balanced around better heros. No need to mess up balance too much when it isn’t an issue currently.


Simply convert the scout upgrade card into a church upgrade.

They already do,

the swashbuckle, the heals (fix french & haud heal pls), air balloon, map reveal. snipe, charge shots, flags, auras, critical hits, divine strike ######## units out of their asses.

I do want to change all the swashbuckle and the china roundouse kick to become charged abilities instead of needing to aim cause melee abilities results in weird pathing issues


explores should also be able to level up and have inventory

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I understand where this guy is coming from.

If we look at the German(build speed), Ottoman(move speed), Russian(attack bonus vs guardians), Italian(treasure pick up) and French(healing) explorers. They do not have abilities like some others do.

Their card buffs lack significance in providing abilities. Its like they don’t have an active ability at all. Its mostly passive.

Though it is uncertain what kind of abilities to give.


RPG element in AoE 3???

Trying to micro that be like:

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Already in the game also unique explorer cards for different civs not a single one is the same.

On a completely unrelated topic settlers should be able to build houses,

It would be great. Maybe for a spin-off game, kinda more like an oRPG. Looting treasures could grant items or techs. Destroying enemy buildings/units too, or resources (scavenge).
I also would like units to get squad upgrade like in Dawn of War that would change or alterate their armor/weapon etc. Especially outlaws, as some people mentionned in this forum, Landsknechts for example could have an upgrade to carry arquebus, pikes, or improve their swords, giving them different on-the-fly customization options, on top of promotions.

They should not be cards, but you should be able to buy them from the Monastery-Church.

Or for Asian civs, they could even be unlocked through a wonder:

China: White Pagoda - Snatch the Pebble card effect.
India: Tower of Victory - Dukkha Suffering card effect.
Japan: Great Buddha - Stream of Enlightenment card effect.

Temple of Heaven already enables healing to chinese monk

Lol you mean this?

Meanwhile healers…
Mexican Hero Padre…

If I HAD to trade the healing for the roundkick I would do it in a heart beat. The ability is so insignificant to the hero right now.

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Well, chinese units arent the most resistant ones, and have the whoke map ability

This video maybe will be an ideas of new abilities for WarChiefs and new skins!

would be cool if any civ have lets say 3 exploriers to choose from, making the game even more versatile


Sounds dirty and apocalyptic at the same time.