Explorers skins ideas for devs - Come and post your own

I don’t think that Microsoft can use copyrighted characters like this, at least not for free. I doubt that they would be willing to pay for the rights of a character for an AoE unit.


No en general ella, pero si hacer una skin de doncella del santuario

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I don’t know how to tell you, but mikos exist in real life. Kikyo was probably meant to be just an example.

Mikos are still around, by the way:
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Now another idea for Explorers skins is that Explorer skins can become unlockable using the points that we earn from leveling up because it would be nice to use up the points not just on customization but also other things as well. These points spent on Explorer skins can be for those that weren’t unlocked during an event or an Explorer skin that wasn’t a reward from an event.

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I’m up for this with a rebalance too. Heroes seems too weak… Only Bolivar looks like a threat.

Don’t forget this one too, (Barbary States Captain). Wish so much that he was more usefull.


Aha! It seems that there is still room for improvement in your understanding of Japanese culture. :joy:

General speaking, Miko (shrine maiden) are still one of the specific image representatives of Shintoism. Their existence has a long history, and in modern times, their main job is to assist in the operation of the shrine.

The beautiful image of Miko has always been popular in Japanese subcultures (manga, anime and games), and Kikyo (the maiden pulling a bow in the picture above) in Inuyasha is one of the classic Miko characters there.

Although I’d prefer Miko to be an option for home city customization, there’s already a module of man with broom there after all.


I learn more about history in these forums than anywhere else. XD

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I think we will get all, eventually. There are a few already like Morgan

I was hoping you replay friend.
Hope to see those specially Portuguese with Montante since it’s very requested.

I’m hoping that now mount/Dismount is and official mechanic we get mounted ones.

I don’t know much about Italy’s history in the middle ages, but I have read in other post asking about Garibaldi and would like to see it too.

It’s good that “Miko’s” confusion was cleared up xD, I’d like to see her too

I think the original devs idea of “Explorers” is and was obsolete, while we could use generals and important figures. Also original Euro Explorers have medieval swords as melee weapon…

True story.

Thank you all for your contributions, keep posting ideas let’s give the devs lots of ideas for them to pick.


Spain and Italy could use a religious hero like Mexico. Spain an Inquisidor (leader of the Inquisition) and Italy the Pope and/or Cardenal.

Mexico: Ignacio Allende (default skin)
Along with Miguel Hidalgo were the starters of the Independence of Mexico. Currently in game has the same uniform buts it’s all black.

Mexico: Miguel Hidalgo
Leader of the Independence movement of Mexico for the Padre hero (which is almost the same but bald and older).

Mexico: Morelos
Second leader after Hidalgo’s death for the Padre.

Mexico: Santa Anna
General, President and many other things, a controversial figure. For hero, it’s almost as default skin but it’s uniform is more decorated and has red and gold decorations.

Mexico: Porfirio Diaz
The dictator, there’s a lot of material from him (uniforms).


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Nah, let’s not give more fuel to the Spanish Inquisition meme, if there’s to be an Inquisition hero, it should be avaliable to all civs that had that Inquisition.

Spanish won’t get probably more heroes skins because they had their moment, but if there’s a second round, I would like to explore liberal (in the European sense, not in the American) heroes, like Riego, who gives another view of Spain besides Morrion helmets, Tercios and “obscurantism”.

Anyway, Delgado should be in also, because campaign hero.


Lo curioso es que siempre ligan a España con la inquisición cuando esta ultima no la invento

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El público general lo asocia basicamente por Monthy Python.

Anyway, back to the topic.


Yo publicaría imágenes de tipos de exploradores pero, no me cargan nunca los jpg xd por cierto espero y los desarrolladores implementen las skins que salen en un mod para las unidades de infantería, caballería y granaderos, se ven bastante geniales.

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Maybe the devs could instead add less stereotypical religious figures like Juana Ines de la Cruz or Bartolome de las Casas as cards/explorer skins? (I guess they could be Padre skins as well, given that they worked in New Spain.)

If it doesn’t conflict with the minor civ, it would also be nice to see an Iberian civ get something to reflect the role of the Society of Jesus.

I guess it could be cool examples, but personally I would like to see liberal or peninsular war figures. But as I said there are still 10 civs to get their unique skins.

Well, the Spanish only got two skins besides the default ones, while Malta and Italy got four skins each and it looks like the Lakota are also getting 4 skins soon (you can see them in the PUP).

The British, the US and the Mexicans also only got two skins in their events.

Still irritates me Daniel Boone wasn’t a USA explorer skin.


Perhaps I didn’t explain myself properly, Mexico has a “religious” hero, Asians too. So based on that some Europeans could have a secondary hero as shipment or when building church/basilica.

For example the Pope was a prominent figure for Europe and Italy, in the case of Spain there were several prominent figures that acted as historians, scholars, etc.

France had 2 Cardenals as Regents.

I think that the Inquisition has good and bad sides. And I’m not saying that Spain were the only ones to have one, as far as I have read in the New Spain the Inquisition was a positive institution.

Yo no los asocio con Monthly por eso, creo que les queda bien a los Españoles (una figura religiosa) que es reflejo de su cultura y su contexto histórico.

Además si hacen referencia, sería un buen Easter egg. Tenemos untio Sam, un astronauta…

Yep, as long as devs want to expand the game, they could add more, even for those that have already 4-6.

Maybe too early for the game but not sure got a better female explorer for

PORTUGAL - Brites de Almeida - The Baker of Aljubarrota

Her melee weapon should be a bread or a shovel and deal extra damage against Spanish.
A myth or not, this show some rivalry with the Castilians and a good candidate for a explorer Skin.


For Spain I would like Blas de Lezo

and Delgado from the campaign