With the new Dlc of the African civs, they added skins for their Explorers that can be unlocked throught the event, and can be seen in home city along other buildings, so I was wondering if devs would add more skins for this civs, and even skins and viewable explorers in home city for others civs.

This would open a lot of posibilities, and I think would spice a lot of civs, for example having a French Napoleonan time skin for France, or red coat, kings guard skins for Britain, ninja, samurai or other type of monks for japanese, and so on.

People comment and add a few skins that you would like to see for any civs.


Reserved for latter use.

Definitely there will be more explorer skins, they’re hinted at what’s in the horizon.


It is already confirmed that other explorers are getting unique skins as well


I expect the following civs to get Explorer skins:

  1. Portuguese - Christopher Da Gama
  2. Russians - Yermak Timofeyevich
  3. British - Francis Drake
  4. French - Claude-Pierre Pécaudy de Contrecœur
  5. United States - American General

It has been suggested that the African skins for their Heroes are from Historical Battles. It can be expected that in the future each civ will have its own Historical Battle :smile:


American General was changed to Andrew Jackson, but I doubt that they will add it.

Don’t forget original campaign characters:

USA: Washington, Amelia, Copper, Holm, Nathaniel
British: Elizabeth Ramsey, Drake
France: Behomont, Contracuer
Haundenosaune: Kanien, Nonahkee
Lakota: Uncle Frank
Ottoman: Sahin

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Explorers seem to be a perfect unit for skins. Unique, ‘immortal’, useful throughout the game. After them… hmm I’m not sure. First thought - vills. But I’m not convinced they should receive skins. It’s a basic unit and maybe should remain to look basic and very recognizable.

But, just like in AoE2:DE, they should introduce skins for TC. There is a bit of coding, especially for creating new menu where these skins can be managed, but after that it’s very simple.
For example winter event and Christmas season and event that will grant santa skin and raindeer for horse explorers, plus TC with Christmas tree and lights. It would be awesome. Just take TC, copy it as TC_winterevent, stick some light and there you have it.

I could swear there was a tree like that built-in. There was that winter wonderland map, but maybe these props are not available in normal version of map editor? I couldn’t find them now - wanted to showcase how nice these small lights look on 3DE engine, but no luck :frowning:

But yeah, they should first make a new, well-designed menu that will handle growing and enabling these mods.

After TC the next perfect building is trading posts. They can change a lot, because it’s a very unique building and how it looks doesn’t matter. It’s the only building that can be built in that socket, so no room for mistakes :slight_smile:

ed: maybe in DE it’s locked out somehow after the event.

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Just for people wondering, first explorer skins (default and then optional for two African civs - Ethiopia and Hausa):


Quick question, Hausa can get additional Emirs so do they all get the new skin or is it just the original one you start with?

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Only the main hero unit. Similar units like Berber Sultan ofc are also not changed.


Thanks for checking! I actually like that as it makes the starting hero unique :slight_smile:

Also I like the shade of blue you have on your units did you adjust that on the accesibility menu?

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Yes, was about to say that. One- they can be distinguished, two- it looks just more diverse and better. It’s okay to have ‘Attack of the Clones’ for normal military units, but hero class units should be a bit more special also when it comes to visuals.


The best skin

Spanish: Blas de Lezo that he was one-eyed, lame and one-armed

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The Haudenosaunee and Lakota Warchiefs need a female variant for their skin options. I would love to have someone like Chief Eagle Woman leading the charge :joy: but it’s entirely possible for a Warchief to have been female in either culture.