Explosive ships rule the sea now!

I see there was an older post saying this problem. but I got beaten hard in a quick match on the latest patch day(update 8324). so I have tested and made a video about the explosive ship bug. so basically all the civs except Delhi sultanate, when researched the “Explosives” tech, explosive ship’s explode range got increased. also the 3 Europe civs(French,English,HRE) explosive ship’s damage wont reduce by distance.


Are you manually exploding these or attacking units? I heard that its better to do it manually but haven’t tested it out myself.

attacking the ships are automatic, attacking troops and sheep are manually. I did notice that sometimes exploding manually can have larger range when I was attacking sheep.

That’s what I heard as well, but on your video the range is already way bigger then the red circle witch is presumably the intended range

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Thanks @LewisLuocn! We’re aware and working on a fix. Appreciate the report!

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