Extend Art of War Suggestion

I have a suggestion to extend the art of war and further out help new players…and I don’t think it will be very difficult to do.

More like an advanced extend of war where the scenarios are set on skirmish mode vs the AI.

4 modes could be 1) rush 2) turtle 3) boom 4) fast fortress

For example for rush mode, the player are given a rush unit and go against an AI that is programmed to turtle or boom…and the objectives could be age up to commerce at a certain time and certain amount of bills.and build certain amount of army by a certain time and be at the enemy base by a certain time.

For Turtle, perhaps the player are given a turtle civ (i.e. dutch or brit) and go against a rush civ that is programmed to rush. Objectives could be age up at a certain time with certain amount of vills, build certain amount of units by a certain time, defend the rush etc…

I think having these will definatlet get new players into the feel of a proper game and build orders more…

Please.let this happen