Extreme heavy cheating of AI on higher difficulties

Since the release of DE it’s obvious that the enemy AI is cheating (but not the allied ai, actually they usually don’t do anything just farming), just like as it did in the original game too, but in DE it’s far worse.
As i raise the difficulty, the cheating is even more dominant, the enemy AI builds towns with impossible speeds WHILE building a huge mega-rush army. I can barely start building a castle that time when the rush army arrives (enemies are at imperial or late castle age that time), just like the ally AI players.
If the AI rushes me with about 50 units, and i kill them, it recruits the same amount of units in 20 seconds, and attacks again with that 50 (150 population limit), and again, and again, without stop, WHILE in the same time rushing to my town too where they got killed, and rushing again in 2 minutes, sometimes with trebutchet rush with about 10 of those. While it does not have wood source, gold source, stone source, just food.

The “free resource supplies”/hidden feitoria like thing, is way too much for the enemy AI, just like the armor boost, and the production boost!

I also expect to set ALL AI difficulty, with the setting in skirmish, but it’s obvious, higher difficulty make allied AI become weaker, and enemy AI with excessive free supplies.

I’ve killed 10000 units of enemy, about 1000 trading cards, but those just can’t be stopped, constantly creates new ones, while there are no mines, nor wood on the map anymore.

The AI doesn’t cheat on any difficulty if you’re using the one that comes with the game.

I’m sorry to tell you, but I can cleanly, easily handle two of the DE AI by myself, either by rushing it or by booming against it and beating it cold with better play, even massively outnumbered, with a large handful of the civs. The fact you believe that they cheat in any regard means you probably have a lot to learn and improve on.

The AI isn’t even that good and I can give it a full minute headstart in dark age and totally dominate it anyway… Now, if you’re talking about AOE 3 DE, that AI cheats like mad and it’s even worse than AOE 2’s AI, but I don’t think you are because “cards” can only mean AOE 2 trade carts in my mind, as it’s impossible to know when your opponent ships home city “cards” in Aoe3 and you certainly couldn’t ship 1,000 of them in even a ten-hour game.


What can i say except you’re wrong


Follow up: i bet you cannot find any replay that contains any evidence of the AI cheating


You should play with aoe2 DE with at least hard difficulty skirmish.

BTW it not just cheating but continously re-builds lumber camps, mines near to former forests, gold/stone sites.

can’t be strangled with resources, as it always have plenty of resources from nowhere.

of course it cheats, because the AI isn’t good, thats why excessive cheating makes it “stronger”. Common method to make a game harder without much development.

Tell me, how the AI can rush with about 60 unit armies with 5-5-5 onagers, trebutchets, battering rams, while there is no wood on the map that it can reach (as i kill their peasants), destroy all of their trade carts, which are re-created continously, so they never run out, just arriving one by one, instead in 10 unit caravans.

I’m telling you, in no uncertain terms, the AI does not cheat for resources in any regard, and you are losing because you simply aren’t good enough.

I can beat the AI, letting them fully boom on a closed map while trolling

because it’s that bad. I’m not going to go any further with this discussion here, I’ve sent you a direct message for that purpose if you’d like me to critique you without the forum as a viewing audience, but I won’t pick on you any further here. :eyes:


I don’t know why you want to ignore the obvious. Of course it’s cheating, it was cheating always, in the old release too in 1999. That’s was always the part of this game.

Some examples. All allies have the same performance according to the graph, yet my ally isn’t doing such rushes as the enemies (the ally AI is always much “weaker” than the enemy). Same performance, while the enemy can’t touch my ally’s town as i walled it around, and a lot of castles protecting it. Same time i always trolling on the enemy ais, killing their cards, villagers, and destroying their rush armies, attacking their town, cut away them from wood, gold, and stone. Still, it isn’t visible at all, not in game, not on the timeline.

How that’s possible while the enemy AI can only produce food?

How do you expect it to be visible on the timeline when your game clearly runs for well over three hours? it’s impossible to tell anything from that timeline other than you failed to kill a single opponent outright with multiple hours of trying, or that you weren’t trying to kill an opponent.

Besides that, your ally had an identical largest army stat as the other hun AI against you, that clearly indicates it did practically the same as the opponent generally when it loses 3,300 units, probably all of them to Berber camels.

Did you never place your market in a good spot to allow him to trade, and therefore make his army worse comparatively to the AI which probably traded more efficiently? Did you tell him what you wanted to do, as the AI generally communicates to other AI’s on the same team exactly what they want to do, and coordinate attacks? If not, you have only yourself to blame for your AI allies’ ineptitude.

First off, I don’t believe for a second you ran them out of all resources, but even if you did.

Do you know how the market works?

I’ve played against the extreme AI countless times, ive played with friends against the hard AI many times as well, ive even watched exteme AI vs extreme AI games and replays of my matches against the AI. at no point does the AI create something out of resources it doesnt have, nor does it get resources that arent gathered from it’s vils ever.
And unless you send me a replay with a time stamp where the AI is cheating, there is no way you can convince me otherwise.


May I ask which army comp you are running with teutons to have a 10:1 kill ratio?
That looks very odd to me.

I bet on cobra cars :rofl:

THo on a more serious note, especially with more UNits lost than killed it was SO and with that sick K/D numbers probably BF or a custom map with only 1 small passing the AI can use and like a 100 SO doing attackground on that gap :sweat_smile:

Oh and DE AI for sure dosent cheat with res or units. Why else would the extrem AI suck at doing FC :rofl: and how could a 1400 like me win 1v3 against it if it does cheat and gets res or free units ??

And as some said you can ez look up any recorded game and see that it never gets random res (like original AI or some realy hard difficulty once on voobly did like Barbarian on hardest) or units.

Just to confirm, you’re selecting “AI” from the drop-down (and not the CD or HD version), right?


The DE AI does not cheat. Here you have the answer of the devs. I let this vid start by the question: Does the AI cheat?

The answer: There are some things the AI know which are impossible for a human to know, but the AI dont receive any resources. It is just gathering the resources by itself. So there is no ‘Free resource supplies’ or hidden feitoria thing for the AI.


Against the AI it’s not unreasonable. If you do some smart walling and defensive tower building, you can often reach imp without losing a single unit against it

my guess is that OP went for defensive buildings and siege with some meatshield to protect the odd unit that gets through. The AI will happily walk into a ‘killbox’

I wanted to ask the TO, causeif he runs such a immobile comp, he shall not wonder about the result.

Teutons have very strong pushing comps, but xou need to be not afraid of losing something in the process. If you do so, you can easily beat the AI with them. And expecting to starve an enemy TEAM out of ressources with a defensive tactic is… well, not very clever.

I noticed it really likes archers. Im not winning contestly yet but it defently does not cheat. Use the taunts with your ally and you will notice a difference. It took me a while to learn those as well.

I don’t think the AI on DE cheats. Previous versions of the game had AIs that cheat (iirc the original one did, but the HD one didn’t).

Either way, what do you expect? It’s an AI - the purpose of the AI is to pose a challenge to you and if the only way to get it done is by cheating then so be it. If you want a real fair experience then play vs human players.

The AI doesn’t cheat in DE, unless you pick the CD AI. Yes, the AI “knows” how many units you have, but it doesn’t get free resources or does anything a human couldn’t do.

Do you play multiplayer? You should be able to beat the Extreme AI if you have about 1000-1100 1v1 elo in multiplayer. If your elo is lower, just try the Hardest AI or the Hard AI until you can beat it.


Just AI. It’s clearly cheating, if i don’t count that it can control each units separately, so hit and run with all onagers, and archers, which isn’t possible by human as they have one screen, and one mouse :slight_smile:

Then the 8x trebutchet group rushes, that my allies never do, and the ally retreat if about 2 of their units killed, while the enemy isn’t…