Extreme language Filter (Censor)

I guess it is just buggy. i wrote in one game “how many boars?” and for me it were stars. but my teammates got the message and replied. i also get a lot of star messages from teammates, so we cant communicate…


I agree with the OP.
I think there are three major problems that must be take in considerations and here are the “solutions”, imo:

  1. We need an option to set the language filter on and off
  2. We need it the “language filter programm” to consider only the language of the game
  3. The delay difference betweeen what was before the patch and now must be almost 0

I need to add the fact that language filter IS a good thing, but the way that it was implemented is a total chaos.

Thanks and best regards.


I didn’t notice this until today. Was this in the game since release? if so I didn’t notice. But today the game started policing my language like a communist dictator !

Innocuous phrases get censored which cost me the game, because apparently lobby host started a map with no sheep and I had no idea so first I write " double you tee ef, there is no sheep !? " (i have to avoid writing the three-letter acronym here out of fear now too !)…but then it became crazy as I struggled to work around the bot for half a minute because it started censoring even phrases like “what the” or “sheep” im really not sure what triggered it but i know for certain I didnt try to find a way to write profanity, but rather communicate my darn point !

anyway I just gave up after I notice a lot of time had passed and quit the game.

For the love of God let us turn this language dictator off !!!


It is sad that third-party tools, wherever available, usually do a better job all round when compared to the horrors of first-party implementations. Someone on Reddit reported that they’d been trying to flare their ally’s military that was trapped. Unfortunately, trapped was censored and his/her ally’s military (10+ knights) died.

We’ve gone from the censor being a nuisance to something that affects player performance. I need to be able to communicate with my allies without having to behave like a 6 year old in front of his parents who won’t allow him to say bad words.


the LEAST they should do is issue out a hotfix where in case of bad word you don’t get your entire message censored -but rather just the word that’s supposedly “bad”; this way you could quickly react in case you get censored and maybe other players will understand what you meant to say due to context. do this until they implement an actual turn off button for this crap !


I cannot use the word “title”, any sentence containing the word “title” is filtered. “tital” works though, so I’ll just act illiterate.


Me getting raided by Scout and many Villagers die and get slaughtered. Blood and Corpses everywhere

  • No Censorship.

Me typing: **** * **** ***** *****

  • Full Censorship, no bad words allowed Young Padawan.

(What i actually wanted to write: “■■■■ I hate scout rush”)
Love it!


today my message “have a nice day, cu” in the end of the game got censored

please let us disable that stupid filter asap


cu means asshole in brazilian portuguese.

we are being censored in all languages so we cant even say things that means nothing in our native because its swearing on whatever language.

its so bizarre.


■■■■. So the censorship caused me to learn a new insult that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. You can’t make some of this stuff up.


Just want to post on here to add that this profanity filter is terrible and should be eliminated, ASAP. I can’t believe with all this negative feedback they haven’t gotten rid of it yet.

Results of poll are very clear

The letter “i” is censored :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Type “i” and get “*”

“I found their market” = “* ***** ***** ******”

Come on guys… saying fuc* is one thing but honestly though fix it. Also “wtf” & “basssstard” (extra “sss” added to avoid ironic censorship here) shouldn’t be considered extreme language.


I’m 30 been playing on and off since I was ten lol


it seems like the profanity filter is totally out of control. Regardless of current bugs it seems nobody has asked for this and it has been forced on the community.


“1” and “I” are censored. Could be more ridiculous?


Remove or make optional now! It is ******* ****** *********** ******** *** ***** ridiculous!!


About half the messages are currently censored for me, for apparently no good reason. Simple things like “1”, “11”, any sentence containing “i” is being censored. It seems like sometimes other players can read my messages even if they’ve been censored for me as they reply to what I said, maybe the reverse is true. This makes team communication almost impossible.
Today I noticed even my ingame name “Ocean Wizard” was censored.


immediatelly followed by:

:joy: you couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried

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It’s not even consistent. Played with my buddies last night. My buddy’s username is “llamabeard”, it was censored to me in about 1/3rd of the games. My own name OlafKForkbeard was censored to me about half of the time in game.

I was unable to issue a GG in chat. “GG, that was pretty rough.” I guess context doesn’t matter to the great censor. “Pretty rough” is the offending portion I’m guessing.

Is this a contract with the XBox owned portions? It’s pretty dumb whatever it is.

And lastly **** * **** ****.

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