Extreme server issues

Tried to play some ranked 1v1s last night, extreme stuttering made it absolutely impossible. The game will freeze, and then suddenly everything will speed up, basically rendering ranked play completely out of the question. Checked internet, everything’s fine, restarted PC etc… no solution

Tried to play again today, assuming the server issues would be gone… nope. It’s even worse now. I even uninstalled and reinstalled just to be sure but it keeps getting worse. The hell is going on? Never seen something like this before. Please tell me other people are experiencing this

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That happens to me when playing on UK west server always, i have conflicts with that specific server.

I have this problem too in quick play, continuosly experimenting 20-30 sec freezes followed by reconnection and 15-20 sec accelerate with no controls over my units. Often making impossible to play.

The opponent have no lag at all, so I thought it was my PC’s issue