Extremely Poor Map Resources Balance - Hill Fort (6 golds to one player, 2 to other)

101.101.39606.0 4941835
Game Version: Steam, Windows 10
Boxies (both Steam and XBOX Live)


(Extremely poor resources balance, 1v1 Ranked Hill Fort)
SEED: 1304624772


See attached Screenshot

  • Opposing player has 1 main gold, 5 external golds
  • One player has 1 main gold, 1 external gold
    This was in ranked 1v1, incredibly imbalanced map for ranked play. Replay available if needed
    Red circles are gold piles, black square indicates players gold on imbalanced side

HillFort Map Generation

I don’t know, if you draw a line from the north corner (point) to the south (corner point), there’s three on each side of that line.

It’s clear that the east/west golds are for the player they’re clearly nearest to. I don’t think it’s fair to say that all four golds in the north are clearly closer to one player than the other.

It’s a bit clumped up, you’d expect some extra piles to be in the south, but it just means you should focus the north for extra tc/castles no?

The map is supposed to generate an equal number of golds to the side of each main base. In the bottom, there is no stone or gold at all, a quarter of the map has no high non renewable resources with the exception of wood.
With the bases offset to the side, you’d expect a somewhat equal distribution. The only one that I believe to be contentious is to the left of the black square, its usual to have ‘a floater’ which needs to be controlled. The player on the right is at significant disadvantage.
It’s also a very easy wall for the left player to cut that off with the tree line
I will add - seeing the map in its entirety, yes you could plan and play it. It’s still unfair. But without knowing it, it is very one sided.

this is surprisingly a much more fair gold distribution than what I usually see in game. and the ones I see in game I consider to be completely fair. There’s no reason the left player couldn’t grab half the gold depots on this map.

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This seems a pretty balanced map to me…

Only point what you can make is that you will expect gold in the south too. This is just a map were all action will be centered at the controlling the north. I dont really see how those four piles are really in favor for one of the two players. I have seen pretty much more unbalanced maps.

Also no symetrical maps as part of the game and part of decision making. If you feel you have a disadvantage: Just go for more early agression and try to claim those spots. Part of the game is also spotting the strengths and weaknesses of the game. Scouting is very much important.

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