Eyes Candy Editor - 2022

Hey, here are some screenshots that are a bit old. I’d love to see some of yours. A bit of relaxation and inspiration!


Nice shots! It reminded me of how important it would be for campaigns to be updated to new DE content/civs, a lot of players are single-player players.


That should just be its own expansion since the amount of changes would completely change how the campaign is played. I’d love it especially in the american revolution onwards era where the archaic aspects are even more jarring and noticeable.

joder tio que talento, me gustaria poder hacer escenarios asi a lo mas que aspiro es a lo siguiente xd


I will post some of my own! Those are my favorites.


So cool! I’m adding a few more, don’t hesitate guys!


Francamente, no está mal. Es un pasatiempo que lleva cientos de horas con una interfaz que nos obliga a hacer mucho ensayo y error. Lo que mola es tomarse su tiempo y disfrutarlo :wink:


I wish they gave us the buildings and people from the home cities as decoration objects in the editor.

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I’d be more radical. Use some home city models as upgraded in-game buildings. The building variety for Europeans is too poor.

BTW I do remember there was a mod in legacy that enables those models in the scenario editor. But at that time I had quite a few mods installed so I can’t remember which.

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The are wrong scale. They are larger then all ingame buildings.

I had a mod that enabled them too.

Useful for cutscenes and screenshots.

Here the all maps on video ! Thes screenshots are from here (Attention I don’t master very well the camera tools) ! Enjoy : AOEIII Editor Elmina 1625 - YouTube

Great job man! I’m super happy you’re sharing this, it’s a rare hobby! We are few and far between, the last knight of the eyes candy!


I wanted to show some of the images I managed to create too. Hope you like them!


these are all incredible, I’m bummed you missed a chance to submit them for the screenshot contest! Make sure to look out for the next one, which will be premiering soon!

oigan como le hacen para poner edad post imperial en el editor de mapas?

Just wanted to add a little bit more!


Hay un trigger que te permite cambiar de edad, creo que se llama “Player: Set age”

Oh! tienes la screenshot para ver donde lo pillo?

A por la toscana!

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