F10 can not be re-assigned in the Hotkeys Options

Game Version:


F10 can not be re-assigned in the Hotkeys Options

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Go to “Options -> Hotkeys -> Group Commands”.
  2. Select “Create Group #10”, click “Change Selected”.
  3. Hit F10 on the keyboard and notice how it does not get accepted.
  4. You can hear a sound after pressing F10 but the game keeps blinking the currently assigned key description waiting for a different key to be pressed.



This is still an issue in V. 101.101.36202.0 4819260 . Please fix it.

It is still an issue in V. 101.101.36906.0 494835 . Please… fix it.

It has been almost two months since the first report. Not seeing it listed under known issues. Could a developer at least acknowledge that it is being tracked as a bug?

This is still an issue in Build 37650.

Just saw this. As an FYI, this behavior is consistent with that of the original game. F10 is used to open the options menu, and neither this hotkey nor the key to open this menu can be reassigned. It would be nice for this hotkey to be re-assignable.

Further, the Escape hotkey now opens the menu as well, and there’s no way to rebind it. Escape also is the hotkey to “deselect currently selected units”, and I’ve seen quite a few players accidentally open the options menu when attempting to deselect units. This hotkey should be re-assignable as well.

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I have “Open Options” on Ctrl+O. I agree, “Deselect Units” should be re-assignable as well. The only circumstance I think where Esc or F10 should open options is, if no other hotkey was assigned for it.

This is still an issue. Please let us re-assign F10 to whatever we want.

have u tried if it is possible via the aokhotkeys website? aokhotkeys.appspot.com

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I have now and it works as a workaround but I still wish the game would support setting it directly from within the game options.