Factory cards in Home City should be obtainable infinitely

Factory cards in Home City should be obtainable infinitely

Especially in treaty games, heavy artillery in factories should be used more effectively on the battlefield. Therefore, in order to make factories more usable in times of war, factory cards in the Home City must be obtained infinitely. In this way, factories can be rebuilt anywhere on the battlefield and heavy artillery can be used more effectively in war. This situation has some negative aspects. The first is economic eternity, the second is excessive heavy artillery production. If the factory cards in the Home City can be obtained in a longer period of time every time the factories are destroyed by the enemy, the economic infinity of the factory cards and the excessive production of heavy artillery can be interrupted. Thus, the game can become more fun and versatile.


Lol no, factories are too powerfull to be infinite and losing them has to be punished for the european player like asians when losing wonders (which asians are highly dependant on)

After losing them europeans economy become equal to everyone else, 99 villagers (also, they have stronger eco cards, like estate ones)


Or let non-euro civs have 2 factories?

ah yes, the legendary lakota factories on the great plains.


May be we can train occupied factory wagon.

Or maybe, hear me out, no.


This can only work if it has a prohibitive cost, like 4000w and 4000g after the 2nd factory is sent. Otherwise treaty games will never end.

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A possibility could be that the Settlers could rebuild the Factory for a very high price. Many Home City cards are wasted because their content is not default:

  • Surgeon
  • Cows
  • Unique Technologies from the Church

Having infinite factories is a bad idea you wouldn’t be able to grind your opponents out of resources in treaty would be an endless spam fest. I think factories should be able to be rebuilt in the imperial age but you can only have 2 at a time. This could help counter the lame gren/orp spam to the factories in any game mode.


I like this idea. Maybe the mechanic would be the factory has a build limit of 1 by default with Robber Barons sending one wagon and increasing the build limit by one (no different behavior from now) and the 1 factory wagon cardbecomes infinite but doesn’t increase build limit, so you can only send it if you aren’t at the build limit (like how the infinite 2 outposts card works)

I also think this is the idea OP was trying to describe, not saying Euros should be able to build infinite factories.

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This still is broken. Taking out someone’s factories is one of the ways to break a stalemate in the late game, so if they are able to rebuild it in any way, it takes away that value.

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A Factory equivalent for Lakota could be a good thing. It’s annoying that you can’t really hurt them permanently when all they need is a TC and plaza to repopulate almost instantly with Adoption.

Instead of an infinite bison shipment they could have a Buffalo Pound building that produces bison. The ability to rebuild it could be limited or restricted entirely so there’s a way to land a permanent blow to their economy. It would actually mimic the history of the Americans deliberately extirpating the buffalo to destroy the economic base of the plains tribes.

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The inf bison shipment really only barely makes up for missing 15 vils that are working on the community plaza. There is no need to nerf that.
Also if you destroy or disturb the plaza you give a huge blow to any native civ, and any non-noob should be aware of that and make it a priority.

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On a really interesting note, it’s worth checking out that estimates of bison populations being decimated weren’t really permanently annihilated until the prairie nations had been driven off the prairies en mass. Prior to that, even the mass hunting the Americans did only put a bit of dent into the numbers of bison, even with as many as they killed.

It’s seeming more and more likely that a bigger impact on the near-extinction of bison was driven by taking out their main predator - humans - and then the following population boom obliterated the seasonal grass growth cycles they relied on to survive. Once that happened, they simply starved to death because there was a few bison generations where they were massively over-populated.


It’s an infinitely rebuildable building that costs 100 wood. How is that in any way comparable to a Factory that can’t be replaced? Obviously if you’re in the base destroying a critical part of their economy that is bad, but one can be fully replaced and the other can’t.

I also don’t see how a building to infinitely produce bison is a nerf compared to an infinite card other than being able to permanently destroy it. It just frees up shipments to be used for something else.


The Lakota relying on an infinite shipment to survive is a really stupid design choice. The entire basis of the game is to create a colony that can survive on its own, not to create a colony that relies on being force-fed resources to function.

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I both agree and disagree with this. I think it was a bad solution to a bad problem that works but also doesn’t.


They most certainly did not die because of overgrazing from a population boom. Shooting them on an industrial scale is obviously what did it.

There are pictures of literal mountains of just skulls of bison that were shot.


This was done specifically to starve the native tribes and it did work to make some of them stop fighting.


Wonders and factories should be rebuildable, but without losing their tactical value.

For example:

  • You must have enough influence in the region, which translates to controlling the majority of the TPs.

  • It must take time to rebuild, and you can only rebuild one at a time. Between 5 and 10 minutes each.

  • A high cost. 4000 of each resources.

Here I explain how it could work: [Poll] 🏭 Would you like to be able to restore important buildings lost in the imperial age? (factories and wonders only if you "deserve" it) ⛩

By the way, Spanish haciendas should also be rebuildable with the infinite sheep card.