Failed publishing Mod-Failed to Create Zip

i m trying to publish my mod but everytime giving error

steam name: you’re already dead
@DodoNotDoDo why this happening, can you help pls

The zip creation would be happening on your local computer, so before it gets sent to me. I would look at:

  • Make sure the drive your mods are on have enough available disk space to create the zip.
  • Make sure you haven’t changed permissions on your folders that might keep it from creating the file.
  • Make sure you only have mod files in the folder vs something that wouldn’t be allowed like an .exe or something (though this is unlikely).

If none of that is the cause, then you should probably reach out to our support folks via They can help with further troubleshooting.

i uploaded mod on this website with mod folders inside winrar zip.
mod folders inside of folder not working. ty for help