"Failed to join match"

Hello Devs,

The matchmaking system is still horrible… if you try to get a ranked TG (4x4) you have to expect at least four or five “failed to join match”-errors (after joining a lobby - this thing where the 60 seconds countdown starts) before actually launching the game. The reason is clear to me: people don’t want to play certain maps and rather Alt + F4 instead of stay and play. This behavior is not even punished by losing points… so on the one side, you want to force people to play other maps than arabia (fine to me), but on the other side, it is somewhat okay if people leave 15 games, because they don’t like the map, do not get punished for this and wasting the time of people, who really want to play (I don’t care which map).

There have to be a statistic for the devs which clearly shows, that the number of games actually launched after finding a lobby is horrificly LOW. Why do not fix this? Isn’t this meant to be a competetive online multiplayer game?

Just wasted 45 minutes again without playing a second - Thanks.


Dont think is that bad as far I have seen, but agreed. 45 min messing with alt f4 kids is unacceptable.

+1. Please fix this. its specially frustrating as the party needs to be recreated .


Especially if you like 4v4s and ban arabia. Try with these setttings (4v4, ban arab) to get 5 games… the amount of requeuing will be insane (just telling this so it can be reproduced)

Is some kind of ELO deduction or 10 mins ban from ranked game lobby being considered? Its really annoying and easily fixable.

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Some game abandons could be genuine (emergency calls, etc). Let’s start with ban 10 mins, with increasing ban time for repeat offense.