Fair Player League Winter Tournament

Good morning, today I would like to share the following information with you!

The Fair Players League is organizing a winter tournament 1v1, with $ 200 in prizes + donations, hosted by Crabgot.


  • Cragbot
  • Revnak
  • Yukietty
  • EliteRifleman
  • Playwithsquirrelsoem

Host, Commentators:

  • Widgie
  • Lenlenlena

Single-elimination bracket

  • Ro32, Ro16 and Quarterfinals are Bo3
  • Semifinals are Bo5
  • Finals is Bo7
  • Settings
    • Players agree on first match up then winner picks the civ and loser picks the map
    • Standard mode
    • Incas are not allowed
  • Schedule
    • Ro32: January 24th - 27th
    • Ro16: January 27th - 30th
    • Ro8: January 31st - February 3rd
    • Semifinals: February 3rd - 7th
    • Finals: February 9th

We are waiting for you!
If you want to participate or make donations, feel free to contact the staff members!


Thanks for announcing it, good luck everyone!

Parted ways with esoc?

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