Falling player count

just says so much, 30min-1hour for 1 miserable team game. Conq3 vs Bronze even.

All those balance changes, what for? New features, what for? Instead of fixing stuff people complain about, lol balance changes.

Season2 was way more fun, and we didn’t have ranked or new civs.

all we got from season 3 was vills that can’t walk directly to sheep, they simply must loop around the mill.


im aware of this site, and thousands? it surely doesn’t feel like it. i wouldnt be surprised if there are bots to jack the player count.

Of course you wouldn’t be :joy:


If you look at the bottom of this page theres alot of games going on every hour.

Theres 25 different game modes so everyones not just seaching what your looking for all the time

the free weekend also jacked the player count. in one of my recent post i postedthe moment before those days which was dropping 1k players.

ah ya didnt realize aoe4world had this statistics section. now i only wish we could backdate more or have it say how many games it processed each day

im aware it has an api which we could use to process such information though.

im surprised there are that many custom games. so much this would just have me take jabs at the current ranking system and how much better rated custom games would be.

Yeah many people are playing custom games, the lobby doesnt really show many games at a time but think cause the games start pretty quick. Its probably quicker than spending 1- 3mins searching for a rank game


Theres over 100k players on the custom games ladder, Not sure how the ranks work

And if you want to closest to a even team rank game 2vs2 has the most people playing

1-3 mins for u, 20-30mins on average for us.

Every single RTS game has most of its playerbase playing modes other than ranked. The majority of players never play ranked.

I mostly play single player, after the hardest AI became a cheating AI I just hate playing. Hard is too easy and Hardest is just extreme.

I’ll play again once this issue is solved

and i mean its just 1 week into the new season and the player count been dwindling so much, so what good did new features and boring balance do?

There a new survey and has bit to do with the new hardest ai. Best if people do the survey and might get changed

what has AI to do with my opponents?

Could you share where we could find the survey?

They’re already looking at reverting the resource rate bonus from the Hardest AI. They don’t have an ETA but it will be happening.

Here is a link to the latest survey. They had one previously (at the end of January) about the AI changes specifically.

EDIT - had to provide the Tweet instead - the forum removed the direct link to the survey.

Thank you, I will do the survey!