False uses of commercial content from Vietnam

Hi Age team,
According to my knowledge, Microsoft Age team recently is having contracts with CSDN studio (Chim sẻ đi nắng Studio) and cooperate with VTC game to legally (instead of cracked version of Age of Empires: Rise of Rome) publish AOE 1 to Vietnamese. Furthermore, Microsoft is planning for Age of Empires mobile in future projects but there is a pretty big shade from Vietnamese collaborators especially CSDN studio on this mobile game. I will state more below:
CSDN studio are advertising for a game originally from China to publish in Vietnam and people believe this a remake from Microsoft for this mobile version. Games with same style are plenty but using the image of a trusted studio working to advertise wrongly about games is heavily disturbed.
Related partnership of this fraud game: CSDN studio, Mộc game
Official website: Đế Quốc Quật Khởi - Xây dựng Đế Quốc mạnh nhất (mocgame.vn)
Misadvertised advertisment by CSDN collaboration:

Mislead officially from CSDN studio

I can help translate all the videos about if this post is considered. There are lots of misleads that Age team may want to investigate since many people thought they are from Microsoft productions.
I believe this is a Code of Conduct violation due to using misleads, shady payments. Please consider your collaboration with VTC game and CSDN studio.
Best Regards,


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