Fan idea : bring us The X019 city

Since the fan preview , I wanted to played the famous map of the first gameplay trailer of aoe4 , this map is used everywhere for promoting the game , and I’m talking about this :

It would be NUTS to play an art of war with this city and map , it could be a special mission to beginners to learn to how defend of the mongols and it would be incredible , even if the graphics had changed it would be nostalgic as fuc* and it would be really cool!



U can play only that part of the picture. Dont fly in the sky and zoom in to the real world.

Look at the house, they were not stuck in the square grid.

I remember on the closed beta there was a cinematic intro with this city before you did the tutorial, idk why devs removed it, it looked so cool!

Wait what? It’s a joke that I don’t understand or what XD? It’s because zoom? I’m saying that if we could get that city with the current scale.

If not please elaborate because I don’t understand lol

Obviously this city was build with the escenario. And the grid is an interesting choice , because it helps to make the influence gampleplay.

Yeah , I remember it! It was really cool! Such a shame they removed it . :frowning:

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