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What maps are the monsters available on? how do i make it work?

For now, they only exist in the scenario editor, but soon I will add them as guardians and bounties for the new treasures of maps.

I see! Thank you so much… Haha was really puzzled as to why random treasures arent cool monsters yet

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Okay, it happens, Age of Warhammer Fantasy :smile:

However, the names do not appear in French. You have to copy-paste the English string file and rename them “french”, “german” and other languages. It doesn’t matter if it stays in English, it’s a mod, we understand, and it’s better than nothing :slightly_smiling_face:


I fixed this issue.
All names and descriptions in English will also appear for some languages of the game: French, German, Italian, Spanish.
Thanks for suggestion.


ngl when you get these into standard game maps I think this will be fan-fucking-tastic thank you for making this also I hope to see cultists as outlaws as well as trainable wizards sorcerers druids etc. (maybe a playable cult civ with creatures of the Cthulhu mythos too :wink:)

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Hello Jaguar have a Idea for your mod . Iknow it is difficult but can you create Davy Jones and his crew?
You set a good begin whit the wereshark and weresnake.

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Hello, I will certainly try to add new creatures that resemble Davy Jones and his crew, but it will take some time.
Thanks for suggestion.

Is the animation of the Wyvern supposed to be like that? lul
Or it may be bugged for me.

By the way, are the unit names in the triggers section?

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Hello, it is not bugged for you, the problem with this attack animation happens because ROF (Rate of Fire) does not match the animation itself, I need to change ROF of this attack animation in next update.
By the way, unit names are not present in the triggers section, but I will add them in the next update if you need them in the triggers section.
Thanks for all suggestions

Its a nice mod, I think may be solved by reducing ROF but increasing Area Damage per Fire Shot, like is burning that whole area lul

That way it may be not necessary to make modifications to animation. Just my thoughts

It’s actually the best solution, thanks for the suggestion.