Farm/eco defense placement suggestions


Such placements will enhance your defense experience against common raiding units such as palladins and others on all map types

Why farms when you can have feitorias?

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Unlimited bombard towers ftw

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Speaking of which, if you have a portuguese ally, they can fast imp with 35 vills and get 10 feitoria + 19 pop(219 in 200 pop game) and then near the 30 mark start spamming bombard towers endlessly, they could add many bombard towers to the pictures above and along the trade routes and everywhere else too

it looks great b ut good luck being able to pull that off realistically.


I do it in regular games often

at what skill level? because i can’t see having the time for that neat of sim city at higher skill levels.

I practiced building it from the first tc to the point I’ve memorized building it quickly, it’s part of my regular boom and holds 50 farms easily defensively

The easiest version to memorize as a beginner would be for 4 town centers be built on the 4 corner tips of the first castle - then the second castle be near enough to cover for the first castle and add a fifth tc a little further out to add the last farms in a good area

The better version is in the first picture, but both have their uses depending on how close you need the tcs to be and how many farms you need- there are other variations, all situational

It is good to use your first tc as the starting point whenever possible and to take into account surrounding elevation strengths and weaknesses

This looks like a 500 elo LEL game casted by T90 including lots of farm TCs.


Also, the size of the map is huge

This doesn’t sound like a standard 1v1 to me

Also, the time is at 9

Who gets to Imp at 9 mins at a standard game and booms like that?

This is in the editor, my comp can’t run a regular game atm - I tend to get this boom setup in castle age, preplanning the size of it depending on elevation and obsticals nearby, which will help me choose where to build it, how close the tcs will be, etc and I build the castle and 3 other tcs by the start of hitting castle

I’d ask you to put the actual recording next time

Because this is just too perfect for a normal game build judging by that screenshot

The screenshot is not from a game and is an example

Understood, just saying with an actual screenshot it might sound more natural

Imagine thinking it’s necessary to put towers next to castles, or a castle in the middle of 4 tc’s :joy:

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Nice setup - but lets be honest, thats not save yet.

I suggest to first build a castle in the middle, then 12 farms around it. Now a layer of walls. Ad a walled in SO in each corner and fortify the 4 sides with 6 towers (4 normal, 2 bbt) each.

Now, some of you might say thats exessive, but 12 farmers that are completly save are a very nice edge. Even if you lose all your eco, you still get nearly enough food to reboom on 3 TC and i think its hard to lose from there on.

And yes, im trolling as much as OP.


The only nigh troll picture is the very last one

Just because this setup isn’t super useful to climb the ladder doesn’t mean you guys have to mock or Elo shame him. He’s just enjoying the game his way, and wants to share it. It’s pretty clear this playstyle is more of a re-enactment or roleplaying thing, same with his healing fortress formation. And that’s fine. Just because you enjoy build orders doesn’t mean everyone does.


My personal elo tends to be around 1100-1300, or 1550-1750 on HD but it in no way reflects the limits of the general strategy I use and is simply my current micro ability, the strats scale with player ability

Trust me, he is not trolling at all