Farmers build a set new farm instead of reseeding their own one

Game Version:

  • Build: 101.101.36202.0 4819260
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10


When farmers deplete their farm, instead of reseeding their own farm they build a new set farm if available. This can happen when you send lumberjacks to build new farms. While going to the new farm foundation, already existing farmers might decide to build the new farm instead of reseeding the farm they were working on. The end result is idle villagers (as the farm foundation they were supposed to build is no more) and disappearing farms (the ones abandoned by the farmers).

Reproduction Steps:

Here’s how to reproduce the problem:

  1. Build 8 farms and have 8 farmers work on them.
  2. Activate automatic re-seed or queue some farm reseeds
  3. When the first farms are about to deplete, have 8 new villagers build 8 more farms next to the old ones. In order to make the problem arise, I had those 8 new villagers in the other corner of the map.
  4. While the builders arrive to the new farm foundations, the old farms will deplete. The farmers, instead of reseeding the farms they were working on, will build the foundations set for the second set of villagers, abandoning the old farms.
  5. When the second set of villagers arrive, they will try to build the farms they were ordered to. After doing so with any possible remaining new farm foundation, the surplus villagers will idle. On top of that, some old farms will disappear as they weren’t reseeded.


When the second group arrives, only one of the farm foundations remains and the old abandoned farms have disappeared.

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This behavoir is part of the game for years. It is also part of HD and original.

The following rule is used:
If a farm is not used (*) and a farm expired then the villagers of the expired farms goes to the farm not in use.

Maybe there is some distance requirement too. Like the farm not in used can at least 10 tiles away or somehting like that. I am not sure about that part.

(*) used in like a villagers is farmer on the farm, not like a villagers from far away is walking to the farm. You let them all build the same farm. So only that farms is seen as ‘in used’. Other 7 farms arent in use.

It seems, that when villager depletes his farm, then he should prefer reseeding it instead of seeding nearby new farm foundations. When there is nearby unworked seeded farm, then he should prefer working on it instead of reseeding his depleted farm.