Farming Explained

Spirit of the Law just posted a video that goes over how farms work and why the collection bonus amounts from upgrades may appear to be lower than stated:

AoE4 farming mechanics, tips, and civ bonuses - YouTube

I definitely like the way the farms look/behave in this game but I would like to see the actual functionality less tied to how the farm looks; though I’m not sure how viable that is.

It would be nice to have a way to tell villagers to each go to a farm without having to select them one by one (which is how I do it now).


If you highlight multiple workers and click a farm, they will all go to their own farm space.

Select all workers and build queue a farm and all the fields with multiple workers, and they will build it all and work them


When I’ve queued multiple fields with multiple selected villages, they will build the fields in the order they were clicked with one staying to work the farm each time (meaning each successive one builds a little slower).

I’d like to be able to queue a bunch of them of and the workers will each go to a different once so they all finish at the same time.

It would be ideal to have this as a modifier key so you can decide whether to create the buildings in order or in parallel on the fly.

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