Faster leave animation

Hi, can you make it so it doesn’t take me 12 minutes seeing victory / defeat with the swords after ive surrenderd or won…This time adds up when you play a lot of games.


Truly one of the most annoying stuff out there. Feels like easily fixable too. At least give us an option for a quicker animation, please

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back in the day the victory is yours would appear instantly, then you could just leave, or view map if desired
(sarcasm aside, thats what aoes of the past did, and still do)
solution is simple, either speed up the animation or make it simply pop (would look bad the second way, but it’d be quick)

Think lot of the game needs work, was playing around with the setting and watching the fps. Tried for couple hours best settings to keep the game stable but nothing works. Its all over the place

So many times it drops. When you build your landmark and makes that loud sound. Drops about 30fps. The full game needs to be optimised for better performance.