When are we gonna see fatigue and stamina come into play? Units with low stamina would fight slower and move slower. Here’s how I would see it.
If units have been in a battle(with other units around them fighting) for, lets say 30 secs, they lose stamina, attacking slower and moving slower.
Also, units would lose stamina for marching(would take much longer) but they would lose it faster if going through woods or up a hill, or perhaps(if there was an addition of such terrain) through “rough” terrain. Rocks, uneven ground, ect


Love the idea.

It would bring up many nice challenges and objectives to complete (capture an oasis and other strategic places on the map).

Really hope they could incorporate it :slight_smile:

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I like the idea for increased immersion and historical accuracy. I’m wondering about its effects on gameplay, though. Seems like it would favor defenders? Climbing hills to get to fortified locations would be a nightmare. Also, would this stack with heavily armored units already having a slower movement speed? RIP Teutonic knights haha :joy:


Yeah it probably would stack on heavy armor but I would think that this would make heavy armored units fight on horseback, or ride on horseback and dismount to fight?

Maybe, yeah. I think I remember battle for middle earth having a dismount mechanic, at least for some of the hero units. It was nice, but also a little weird because the horses just disappeared. On the other hand, I’m not sure how one would deal with riderless horses, otherwise. For simplicity/ease of implementation, I’d probably prefer to keep cavalry and infantry as separate unit classes, but the idea of having cavalry that doesn’t fatigue in the same way as infantry is definitely a good one. It would really emphasize the mobility of cavalry as one of their advantages over foot soldiers in online play. Additionally, fatigue in general would probably encourage more thoughtful troop deployment, which seems to already be incentivized with the new forest ambush mechanic. Overall, I like the direction this sort of idea pushes the game. The only other concern I would have is about how taxing it would be on the player to manage the fatigue of multiple armies at once. AOE2 already kept players feeling busy at pretty much every stage of the game, and if managing fatigue is something that requires additional micromanagement, I could see things becoming overwhelming. I’m definitely not discounting the idea on those grounds; I’m just brainstorming some of the potential problems to try to refine it.

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No please, this isnt Total War, I hate seeing my units run away the battle. AoE hasnt to be historically correct about that things, it has to be funny to play it respecting history


There are plenty of games that tackle the issue of fatigue(other than total war)

In AOE we have super soldiers because they have unlimited stamina and doesnt get hurt at all. They perform the same in any situation. This is the difference between Total War compare to AOE. It is core of this franchise.


And I hate that core. If I pay someone to fight I want that they keep fighting, dont running away.
I would like to see a HC system ingame but without units shipments, that could be nice. With this people wouldnt complain about popping units

Would make an RTS clumsy. My archers getting fatigued when I hit and run for example would make typical RTS mechanics pointless.