Favorite Cheese Strategy: Simon Bolívar and The Infinite Peruvian Guard Spam

While testing the new revolutions, I decided to check the revamped Peru after hearing its revolutionaries are kinda OP. While I didn’t think they were that OP, they certainly can be used for some fun strategies alongside Peru’s Hero unit, Simon Bolívar and his special (pretty OP) abilities. I used this tactic on AI matches only, if someone wants to test it in multiplayer, please tell me how it went.

  • Step 1: Pick either Portugal or Spain. I recommend Spain for the full cheese factor, but Portugal works just as well.
  • Step 2A: If you picked Spain, make sure your deck has: Conquistador, Team Explorer Combat, Unction, Riding School and Fencing School. Advanced Arsenal is nice, but not obligatory.
  • Step 2B: If you picked Portugal, make sure your deck has: Navigator, Gunpowder Infantry Attack, Fencing School, Riding School, Team Gunpowder Infantry Hitpoints and Gunpowder Infantry Combat. Advanced Arsenal is nice, but not obligatory.
  • Step 3: Play as usual until you hit the Industrial Age, make sure you got all the shipments you need from the Home City and when you’re ready, Revolt!
  • Step 4: Pick Peru.
  • Step 5: As soon as possible, get the Peruvian Guard card. Then Citizenship and Morochucos at whichever order you prefer.
  • Step 6: This is where the fun begins.

When you revolt, you will receive Simon Bolívar as a Hero Unit. Bolívar can’t be killed(if his HP drops to zero, he collapses like an explorer), he gives nearby troops a HP boost, he can be used as a mobile drop-off point for shipments and he can train Revolutionaries from wherever he’s placed.
This means that you can use Bolívar as a moving barracks to spawn hordes of Revolutionaries from wherever you want. He can also spawn Gatling guns, Fort Wagons and Legendaey Huaracas from shipments as a way to complement your revolutionary hordes. Each Revolutionary only costs 100 food and is trained very quickly, so it’s relatively easy to hit critical mass inside your opponent’s base.
You can make this even better if you picked Spain and brought a Missionary with the Unction upgrade to the frontline. Not only the missionary will heal your troops, and most importantly your Hero, but he will also give nearby troops a damage boost on top of Bolívar’s HP boost.
If your attack goes south, you can retreat very quickly since both Bolívar and the Missionaries are pretty fast. Also, you can summon Morochucos(Comancheros with a cute Peruvian Hat) INSTANTLY from any fort or stable, since they only cost 120 food and 1 population, they can be used as meat shield if your base is under attack or you need to provide a distraction while you regroup with your main army.
Bolívar, a Missionary, some Mortars and a couple of revolutionaries can tear trough a well fortified opponent by the sheer force of spamming cheap units and fort wagons.

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Peru has become certainly one of my favorite revolutions! I have a deck specially made to revolt as them, it has medicine to have settlers cost less money and get to the limit faster (so you have more soldiers), some food and gold creates to get faster to industrial, both factories, the industrial age fort card (so my explorer can rebuild any of the forts I send from the home city) and lancer upgrades, as I like to mix peruvian legions with them to make a nice combo (anti cav infrantry/siege unit and fast anti infantry and artillery, with some hotwizers here and there)

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