Favorite Emojis? We want to hear from YOU!

Hey everyone, we are working on some emotes for our social channels (Discord, Mixer, Twitch) and I am looking for YOUR feedback and suggestions! Here’s what I’m looking to learn:

:arrow_forward: What kind of emotes do you use most?
:arrow_forward: Do you prefer straight units from the games? Such as priests, man at arms, etc.?
:arrow_forward: Would you use pieces of gold, wood, meats, etc?
:arrow_forward: Or do you prefer funny emotes—like sheep waving hello, or another unit dabbing?

I’d love to hear your thoughts! The only limits are to keep it safe, fun, and age related! So, pitch all of your favorite Age-themed ideas. Also, please be kind!

Thanks everyone!


In first place I need a sylabus of description of items in all AOE games, like what means emot, stright units, and so forth. Where can I see this terminology?..Thanks a Lot

I would definitely use pieces of gold as an emote to “like” someone comments. Also, I really like the idea of having funny emotes and would use them in discord.


I give you a William Wallace coin for that great idea. :smile:


All you need is some Wololo emote :stuck_out_tongue:


we definitely need somekind of wololoo emoji for twitch and discord!

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I like to use a sign like“?”