Favorite Trash Unit civs?

When it comes to situations when gold runs out of the map and somehow you’re low on gold.

The best trash team alliance would be Magyars with Berber, and Vietnamese ally: Huszars, Hussars, Pike, Imperial Skirms, and Genitours. Vietnamese has more tanks Genitours, and Berber has cheaper cavalry units.

  • Byzantines: cheaper trash units
  • Lithuanians: More admire from Tower Shields
  • Magyars: Trash Unique Unit + Hussars + skirms + pikes
  • Vietnamese
  • Berber: Genitour + Hussars
  • Malay: late game trash 2HS + Halb + skirm spam
  • Bohemians: Trash monks and powerful halbs

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I think I like the poles the best. I think they have the best hussar and they have good eco.

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Spanish. Easy to transition into different trash unit types as no gold blacksmith and all fully upgraded

Also theres a very good in game and historically accurate unit composition for closed maps that will have you using all 3 trash types with great effictiveness. The combo is the Tercio

So you start by going hand cannonneers and halbs. If hes cav the halbs handle him. If hes infantry the hand cannons handle him. If he gets archers you get skirms from the ranges you already have. If he goes skirms or seige is when you mix in hussars.