Favourite AoE civs and rankings

AoE - Greeks
RoR - Romans
AoK - Byzantines
AoC - Spanish
AoM - Posiedon
AoT - Gaia
AoE 3 - Portuguese
TWC - Sioux
TAD - Japan
AoEO - Greek
HD I played some Huns. Use to play a lot of Iroquois and Kronos competitive too, obviously can play others to a strong level to but those are my favourite by game civs. I was maxed (artificial cap) 2400 ELO - Grandmaster in 2013 steam on this handle, ranked 7 in the world through Sparta matchmaking in AoEO circa 2011 and invented the fast revolution for TWC in 06, 2200 ELO. Swear I played vs The Sheriff back then too it was new england I think and he played Brits it was toughest win I ever had. I’ve won tournaments over the span of a decade, the only reason I didn’t have higher ranks was time restrictions from IRL, people ahead of me having played thousands more games then me. I’m probably one of the best competitive players that’s ever posted on this board.