Feature idea: Drop resource at the nearest building

An early alpha/beta version of Age of Kings included a button that made villagers drop their current resources in the nearest building. I wonder if this button could be reintroduced for the Definitive Edition, after it is present in the “Portuguese Civ Mod” for The Conquerors and fully functional there.


Back in AoK it would have been useful because the game was lacking a lot of QoL we got through the years. Nowadays pretty much everything is done so that we don’t need such a button. When you build any ressource drop building or a farm the villager will deposit whatever ressources they had. When you garrison inside a TC they deposit their res too. Even with memish revolution you won’t waste a single point of ressources because they thought about it and made the villagers deposit the res upon being transformed.

The situation I can think of where villagers with different ressources can get easily mixed up without depositing their res is when you build an emergency castle to defend against a huge attack. Maybe letting castle garrison count like res dropping would help with that.

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