[Feature Request] Ability to customize villager build menu

I would like to be able to change the order of the buildings in the villager build menu.
I believe many players would use this feature, once it is implemented, to customize the order of the buildings and the respective hotkeys. Right now, the fixed positions in the build menu are an obstacle and reason to leave the hotkey assignment of the buildings at default.

Especially, I’d like to change castle and stone gate. It is more intuitive to have the gate below the respective wall as it is with the palisade wall and gate. Because the TC as the strongest eco building is placed at the bottom left of the eco-build menu, it would actually make sense to have the castle at the bottom left as the strongest military building, too.

For now, I swapped the hotkeys for castle and stone gate but it would be great if the hotkeys match the position in the build menu, too.

This feature could be implemented as drag&drop in the settings under the “game” or “hotkey” tab.

Why would you like to change that instead of pressing the Key and do things faster without even look at the villager buildings option.