[Feature Request] Ability to exclude some civilizations from random

I would like to see this as an option to put favorite civs ( and it will only choose one of those civs, like in fortnite 11)

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U dont want FULL “random” for some maps cause some civs are ■■■■ for some maps.
The option to select, for example: “turks, azteks, mayans, cumans”, good civs for arena, but still random.
I guess, the change will bring more players to use selected random.

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This would be a partial solution but over time the developers need to maintain it. If selective random had a import and export for lists it would be possible for community to upkeep this lists and for you to make your own choice of what civilizations you think should be in each category. For example if you want to play an archer civilization but don’t want mezo civilizations in your mezo pool you could make a archer no mezo pool. I think your idea is a great starting point but I think if the community could define their own pools for random it would be able to respond to player needs more quickly. Like I could see people wanting to build a random pool of civilizations that were used in hidden cup. By the times the developers got around to that it might not be as relevant to player interests.

I would treat selected random as if the player picked their civilization and not put them in the random queue since the player had control over the odds of what civilization they got. Like I said I can simulate this feature with a dice or random number generator I am just asking if it could be made less manual. It would just be a quality of life improvement for me and in the mean time I used a external tool to do it.

I think there is one other benefit to this though is that if they were to make a import and export feature for custom pools they could be curated by the community to make some interesting lists. I think a good example of this would be a pool that only contains civilizations picked in hidden cup or a pool that contains only tier 1 civilizations. It would just be another way to interact with the game theory crafting selective random pools with themes.

If you get Chinese, research loom instead of creating first vill. Your first 6 villagers eat sheep, just like normal civs. Since you are collecting food with 6 vills, you can force drop (garrison/ungarrison quickly) food to get the 50 food for your next vill. vill 7 goes to build a house, and then joins the first 6 vills with eating sheep. vill 8 builds lumber camp, and then send vills 9 and 10 on wood as well. Vill 11 should lure boar. And voila, that is all there is to it :slight_smile: Vill 12 will go berries if you have no hunt, or your scout cavalry should push deer if you have hunt. and the rest from here plays like normal, but you should have a 1 vill lead than other civs

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The only balance that needs to be done, is to balance all civ matchups close to 50-50, which is the ultimate goal, that random doesn’t really matter like in other games like Starcraft 1 and 2, and Warcraft 3.

Random pick is the player’s own choice, not forced by the opponent must go random. So don’t blame on your opponent that doesn’t go on random because you chose to. Period.

We aren’t that far from that, especially since almost no one uses their civ at 100%.

Those games only have 3 factions so it’s quite a lot easier to achieve.

I’ve heard it’s notoriously unbalanced.

Thank you, for taking the time to give me that information. I have looked up guides for the Chinese before but scrambling to find one at the beginning of a game is hectic to say the least :smiley:. I will definitely keep your post in a word doc on my desktop though, thanks again.