[Feature Request] Ability to exclude some civilizations from random

I would like to be able to exclude some civilizations from random. For example as a newer player I would like to exclude China and Mayans because the extra villagers at the beginning of the game change the build order and it can be hard to adapt when you are learning. Another place I believe this would be useful is for people who want to only random meso or nonmeso civilizations.

If I had to picture how this feature would work it would be similar to how you can exclude certain maps from random maps but there would be no limit to how many you can exclude as long at least two were still included. I also think the new civilization selection would work great for this since the buttons are about as big as the map icons so there is room for the check box in the top right.

EDIT: To be clear, what I am proposing is the ability to alter my random pool, not to ban what I can queue against. So in theory this should not effect queue time because you are just reducing how random, random really is for you. I would think this would prevent you from preferring random since your random might not be the same as other players random.

A player could currently replicate this feature by rolling a 35 sided dice and rerolling any time they get a civilization they don’t like before queuing, I just want to automate this process.


It must shown like “selective random” or something like that because we need to see it on lobby.


That is a good point, I only play ranked random match so there are parts of the GUI I am not familiar with. I didn’t even think about lobbies, thank you for adding that.

I can see this as something that could also work in ranked. Instead of picking a civ, random, full random or mirror, this can be another option as well. I dont see why this must be limited to the lobby.

Maybe we can even have some predefined sets. Like ‘Archer civs’, ‘Cav civs’, …

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As long as people can tolerate increased queue time it can be a thing. I just hope there will not be a flock of threads complaining 20min+ waiting time for their ladder game.

This idea has no impact on queueing times at all?!


more the choices the better it is.

I’d love to be able to roll a random civ whilst not being in a match, so that I can look up its tech tree whilst I’m waiting to find a match. This would also help the OP, since in those rare cases where you get Chinese/Mayans, you could re-roll.

It couldn’t replace other suggested options though, such as being able to select “random archer civ”.

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the only one i want to exclude is inca

a civilization whose power is concentrated in villager-rushing is not exciting, especially for teamgames

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Well if that’s the case that’s good I guess? Segment communities into smaller groups and each group plays their own settings.

I think an option to ban 1 to 3 civs just like the maps would be fair

I support this feature request
I would be so cool to have a civ pool in th 1v1 RM rank (and in TG as well)

OPs suggestion would work without any delay in matchmaking for ranked. Once two people are matched and are picking their civ, and if both have the already-existing random civ icon enabled, they can either go full-random and choose from all the civs or just from a few they select. That’s how I interpret it working for the ladder.
Essentially, if both players have the random civ icon enabled, and want to play with random civs, let them ban like 5 or so civs they really don’t want to play.

i think its a bit wierd since the definition of random is unknown so taking some out of the random pool and not really make it random but random selected is not good imo


I wouldn’t think it would impact queue times. I would not expect that they would match people using this option against each other since there is not really any value in matching two people with custom random lists against each other.

Just to be clear I was not suggesting we could ban civs we would want to queue against. I just wanted to be able to remove civs from the random pool for various reasons I stated above. Basically it lets your tailor your random pool to your play style and preferences. If I want to play cavalry civs I could just exclude all civs that I do not consider cavalry civs. In my case I really just want to take out civs that have very strange starts because I instinctively start building houses before I notice I have one or more extra villagers lol.

EDIT: I think the another benefit of a system like this is that if the developers allowed us to export and import these custom random pools we could make ones tailored by the community for different scenarios for example specific play styles you want to practice, new player friendly civs or for just goofy themes. I could see people making random pools of all civs that changed in the most recent patch too. I think this feature would be a lot of fun for the community even without export and import because people would definitely takes screen shots of their random pools and share them.

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The site below allows you to do this. You can edit the list, and mark which ones you have played recently. And if you have cookies on, it will remember your choices. It’s not ‘in-game’ but will do what you want. I also like it because it gives me some time to check the tech tree and think of a plan before starting the game.


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why not just split civs into that what they are catigorized at like 5 new symbols for defensive,offensive naval, cav and archer

or something like this

That is awesome, that is exactly what I want, I do think it would be better if it were built into the game but this will do for my needs.

I think random is just random, why making random but not random but selected random since you prefer not to have certain civs after picked random?

Later your opponent will think it’s unfair to go against selected random where they want complete random civ opponents. Just pick your own civ. This topic is bs, sorry.

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