Feature Request: Allow Photomode in POSTGAME

Sometimes the most photogenic moments are those that occur after all your opponents resign. I have more than once thought “Wow that looks cool” and gone to the menu to open photo mode only to realize it’s not there. I wonder if many others have also been through this process and would humbly request the devs take my feature into consideration. Thanks, you guys generally do a good job with this game.


Nerf Giant Grenadier Mercenaries.


will try modding that toggle in in my mod
should be simple

edit: testing to see if it’ll work
button can be added to dropdown menu very easily, but the function itself isn’t coded for postgame, as clicking the button does nothing atm

There is already a way to do this, but it’s tedious.

Go to replay the recording of the game you just played and you will get the option in the menu bar as in skirmishes.

But yeah, directly after a game ended could be better :slight_smile:

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that works ye, i did try adding it for post game, button is easy to add, but it didn’t do anything in my attempt, would need some backend change to enable