[Feature Request] Better handling of unfinished buildings by AI

Currently the AI delets unfinished buildings, when you attack the villiagers. as far as I could see the AI do not take in consideration, how much HP the building has/how close it is to finish the building.

It would be nice if the AI would not destroy a not finished buildiung just because a vil is hit by one unit.

There should be factors like:

  • How important is the building?
  • How much HP does the unfinished has?
  • How long does it take to finish the building?
  • How close is it to my own base?

If it just leaves the building:

  • For how long is the unfinished building untouched?
  • Is it possible to reach the building safely.

This is nice. I mean, a little detail, maybe, but a noteworthy one. I don’t like when AI deletes its buidlings either. Feels weird, considering no building is free, and resources are limited.