Feature Request: Better pause system for multiplayer games

I’d love to see a better pause system. For example, every player gets a total guaranteed pause time of 2 minutes that cannot be interrupted by others. When a pause is invoked, the person who pauses defines the length of the pause, and it’s communicated to all players with an in-game countdown. This way, every player that needs a pause can invoke it without worrying other player(s) would unpause. Moreover, a pause would no longer be one person waiting for the other, as every player could use the pause for a pee run or water refill, without worrying about others unpausing.


I think this mechanic can be heavily abused

But on the other hand, some people won’t listen to logic when asked to wait for a few minutes

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Not really sure how it could be abused. The current system can be - with no guarantee that either player will not be a jerk and unpause while other is gone.

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I agree. I’ve been in games where people pause for way too long, preying on the kindness of others. I’ve been in games where people pause and the other team immediately unpauses, which is the opposite of kindness.

I like your idea that the invoking player defines the length, that way the other players know they can also take a break for that long. Perhaps 30 seconds increments? Everyone could be given extra pause time for every hour of gameplay.

From other threads, people have been concerned that these pauses could be used strategically to ice a rush. But, that’s fine. Many sports use pauses this way. Older and less experienced players do not possess top reaction times. Strategic pauses to consider your options is a fair game mechanic.

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I agree 100% with everything you said!

Also, another thought: timed pauses with a visible countdown would be great for streamers as well. When a pause is guaranteed to last this or that long, they can decide to do a quick break for themselves without a fear of missing out on some action.