[Feature request] Bigger font


I just upgraded to AOE2 DE from AOE2 HD and I have a big problem. I play AOE2 DE in a 15-inch laptop and the letters are just too small to be read from the distance that I usually seat from the screen. For instance, I just cannot chat with anybody in the lobby without looking at my screen as if I were threading a needle.

I asked my AOE2 DE friends and they think the same: the letters are too small to be comfortable read when they play in their laptops.

So, I think that the developers should make the font bigger with a patch, or at least, give us the option to make the font bigger in the game settings.

What do you think?

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Current font size is good for me on 15.6 inch laptop screen, but of course font size could be customizable in options.

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Besides font size, additional font types would be awesome as well.

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I’ve had similar issues with other games in the past so i know the pain, even if i don’t experience it now.

So i vote for adjustable font. It really can’t be that much work. Like the adjustable grid opacity.

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It might be because my screen is 720p (my laptop is 6 years old). But the game looks and plays good, it is a shame that I cannot fully enjoy it only because of the font in some parts of the game (others parts are good enough)

Did you tried to set interface option “In-game HUD Scale” to 125%? This should certainly help with font size, although makes everything else in HUD also bigger.
You can also alter “Tooltip Scale”.

Maybe L Size Font mod would suit your needs.

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I tried “In-game HUD Scale”, and thanks to that I have no problem with in-game text. But I think that you just saved my life letting me know that there is a mod for L-font.Thanks!!

I also will try "Tooltip Scale, no idea of what it is at the moment.