Feature REQUEST: built-in BUILD ORDER UI

I was masters in SC2. However I don’t have much time for gaming now. AOE4 was fun when it was new and it was fun to learn but it’s hard to keep up with build orders and patch updates when being so occupied with work/life.

The game needs a UI for build orders to be moderately successful and appealing to casual gamers.

Similar to DOTA having a build you can choose, and you can follow it and it’ll tick off what’s been completed. Obviously it doesn’t need to be used, or even followed but it can be there.

In competitive or ranked games; this should be toggled off.

I know I would reinstall AOE4 in a heart beat if it had this feature.


Can’t you just watch a few youtube videos and play a few practice rounds?

You could have written down a build order on a sticky note on your keyboard in the time it took to write this post lol

But with an overlay you will never be able to adapt to what the enemy is doing, I don’t think they will go beyond platinum

Using an overlay to help with repetition can be extremely effective.

It does not preclude you from using adaptation. Sometimes it is just a helpful reminder of key points in a match up (does not need to strictly just show the build order) - you can get creative with it.

Overlay use can be good even in conqueror. Obviously you can’t just turn on the overlay, you need all of the other skills.

An integrated build order function could be great with the Art of War system getting more people to transition into multiplayer. Not sure how high it could be on the priority list though.

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AoE 2 DE provides this via a mod, Cicero’s interactive build order guide is one of the most popular mods for the game. I don’t know if it’s possible to do the same thing with AoE 4’s modding capability?

Have you considered using something like this? GitHub - FluffyMaguro/AoE4_Overlay

Not built in, but should get the job done.


Who would set the build order? Relic or the player?

Definitely feels a little cheaty to me. But it’s not for competitive, just casual so maybe it’d be okay. A preset order wouldn’t be very useful in competitive AoE games anyway. I would personally toggle this off immediately, even as a new player. Learning and practicing a build is the most satisfying thing about this game. Once it’s known, this game is super freaking boring and repetitive.

I remember they had a similar mod in WoW a decade ago, that overlaid markers on the ground throughout boss fights that told people knew where to go and when. It got banned from the game.

With everything on their plate already, I highly doubt this ever happens.