[Feature Request] Clear ALL Military Building Queues - Shortcut

As it sounds, I would really like the ability to clear all military building queues in one go. I am grateful for the icons at the top and the ability to clear from there, but there still needs to be a feature that lets you STOP MAKING NEW MILITARY UNITS IMMEDIATELY.

You know what happens - fierce in the throws of battle you desperately scramble for as many soldiers as you can muster. This often means grabbing every [military buildings needed] and queueing the crap out of them. Then the threat is averted/dies down and you can think more clearly… only to have soldiers coming from way across the map because at the time, you needed all abled bodied soldiers to fight.

It would be great to assign this to P (or Shift+P) and immediately purge the queue.

Please and thank you - don’t make me spank you :smile:

select all your mil buildings and shift + delete :smiley: (jokes aside, yours is a good suggestion)