Feature Request: Custom Random Civ Pool

With the addition of new civs and less likelihood that every civ will be viable in every game type/format (which I don’t think should be a goal necessarily) I would love the ability to designate custom random civ pools for each ladder. This would eliminate the burden of picking a civ (which I and many others, I believe, don’t like) while also maintaining variety in my play and eliminating the fear of being completely outmatched.

Implementation could look something like custom random map pools in map selection. You could select random and then highlight multiple civs in civ selection, for example. If no civs are highlighted then normal random rules will apply.

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Seems like it’s going to happend.

This is probably something completely different. This is used so players with and without DLC can play together. HD used the same. You could use the DLC data mod without owning the DLC. In that case you where limited to just a few civs which you could pick.

This request is something completely different:
Currently you have some options:

  1. Pick a civ
  2. Pick random civ
  3. Pick full random civ
  4. Pick mirror civ

He wants to add a 5th option:
5. Pick custom civ pool random.

So you make your own civ pool. For example you pick 10 civs and let the game decides which of those 10 civs will be your civ in the game.


I think this is kind of a neat idea. You can set any number of civs as favorites, giving it 3 times as much chance to be chosen than the rest (or something like that) and on top of that you can ban up to three or so that you really don’t like. This would make it more inviting to people with strong opinions on civs to go random.

The main problem I see with it is that in the name of fast and accurate match making you can’t really make this its own option, so people who are playing full random still need to be willing to play against people going kind of semi-random. Full random civ has been a thing in this community for years, people using that option shouldn’t feel like people are given an unfair advantage over them.

I think it would also be great to have the option to pick:

  • Random infantry civ
  • Random archer civ
  • Random cavalry civ
  • Random monk civ
  • Random siege civ etc.

Let me ask you this though. What’s the difference between a full-random player going against someone who’s randomly picking from 10-15 civs they like to play, and a full-random player playing against someone who mains a single civ and knows them inside and out? I don’t see one myself, and in fact I’d prefer the random pool over the civ picker.

Under the current system you have no say in how your opponent picks a civ. The toggle for random civ does not bias the matchmaking system to match you with other players who have that active. It merely activates if a majority of the players who you happen to match with have it enabled.

If you’re a random civ player the majority of players you play against are picking civ, so even without my proposed feature you’re currently putting yourself at a disadvantage. Thankfully the balance is pretty solid right now but the impetus for my suggestion was the addition of more civs, which has the potential to throw balance off in the future. I also don’t believe that 37+ civs SHOULD be 100% balanced in a single format. To maintain civ identity and uniqueness, for each game type/format there should be a healthy mix of civs that both do and don’t shine. Indians were a great example (thought they definitely shined a bit too brightly in TG’s). They were solid in 1v1 on maps where their shore fishing bonus could be utilized, but pretty bad at open land maps and overall below average (in 1v1). But they were amazing in TG’s, and they were solid in DM.

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