[Feature Request] Having another Trebuchet like packing/unpacking behaviour but this time it can be dropped like building placement of Villagers

In Age Of Kings Beta, initial Trebuchet and Town Center for raider civilization. was supposed to work like this. When ordered to unpack instead of unpacking right away. It is almost similar to Villager building when you order villager where to make your building. I hope that this feature makes a comeback as a new ability feature instead of replacing Trebuchet mechanics. Here is the video link:

I think this feature might just get added in future for ingame Battle Royale(saw some Battle Royale codes from RMS scripts) feature. If that’s the case then it’s really good and will offer many new modding opportunity for modders.

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What kind of unit is it?
It should probably be available in Castle Age.
Maybe let the siege tower use this.
It could move while packed.
And when unpacked, archers could shoot from it.

There is a scenario made by .FreaK. called Horde Survival, or something simmilar, that instantly unpacks a trebuchet into a tower.

It doesn’t need to be part of the game. Especially for community like maps. When you click on house icon on Villager building slot you get the option to drop the foundation somewhere. Treb in game does work like that but it just unpacks directly. But with that foundation like feature you can prevent placement on water/tree.

But there are several problems. Like it doesn’t follow grid placement and causes some problem. You can make it on beach shores but it’s not intended use. What my suggested feature offer is having ability to do force drop and offer more approach to as the game design intended. You can do more with this. Like with dock like restriction you can make a boat to drop buildings like that on shore side when you want to make units another hand you can pack and go fight where you want.