Feature request: Hotkeys in the technology tree

The technology tree is so wide that it sometimes takes many seconds to scroll to the area I am interested in. The hotkeys they I use in the game to select a building should also work in the technology tree to go to the building of interest. This would make it more practical to use in the middle of a game when you’re playing a civilization you don’t know.

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The latest patch improves the situation:

The Technology Tree can now be navigated using the z, x, c, v, and b keys on the keyboard.

But the situation is still not very good! For instance, on my 1920x1080 screen, none of those keys take me to a position where I can see all of the siege workshop technologies at once.

Good players have memorized hotkeys to select most of their buildings, so if they could just use those hotkeys in the technology tree, they’d be able to very quickly jump to the correct section.

Is there a reason that we can’t have the normal building select hotkeys working in the technology tree? I’d love if someone from Microsoft could actually respond.

:white_check_mark: Oh wow, they actually implemented the original thing I suggested! Thank you, DE developers! Very useful! I didn’t see it in the change log, but I will definitely be using this feature.