Feature request: in game voice chat

I would like to echo some of the other requests on the forum for in game voice chat. I know it is a double edge sword, but a lot of players in other games use it respectfully and it can really add to team games. Aggressive players can be reported, muted, or voice chat could be disabled altogether for the players that don’t want to use it.

I think this would facilitate the team games, especially QM where you get about 30 secs before the launch which isn’t enough time to organize over discord.

Thoughts anyone?

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I think that would be good. When the players get more in touch they maybe play more often together witch is much more fun. This strengths the community and helps the game that players game it longer.

The communication between the gamers should be promoted.

I think there are higher priorities but once they should add this.

Considering the current development speed it makes take some years.