Feature Request: In game voice chat

I know this has been asked before, but I can’t find the post. I just want to express how much I love this game. But an in game voice chat / in game microphone option would help so much. Communication is a big part of this game and trying to convince people to get on discord is not really working, because its not easy enough. I understand that people are afraid of toxic behavior and maybe people dont want to voice chat, but in that case on should just be able to mute players and have a mute all button. I am even fine with all players being muted by default so u have to explicitly unmute a player, but please provide the option for an in game voice chat.
Ty a lot


Yes, yes, yes. No reason for modern games to not have voice chat as default tbh. And this is long overdue. You shouldn’t need some third party software just for voice chat, its very cumbersome. Also some sort of system should be introduced where people with voice chatting capabilities (i.e. microphones) can only be teamed with others with the same capability should they wish. So you don’t end up in a team with some people who can chat and others who can’t.

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Imagine the very high risks that this feature could has.

Oh no please god no oh my gah lawd he commin run aeay titan!!!

I have no idea why i would want to voice chat with random strangers.
With Friends you can already use third parties, which always will work better.

If you want such voice chatting capabilities, i think it is much better to integrete an existing voice chat platfoxm into the game. Building your own makes no sense to me.

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I’d rather first have them implement Text chat to the party queue lol. queuing with friends and unable to chat with them untill the game is found…

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This idea is a much bigger much. Fully agree.

Could u explain that?
I my opinion a mute option takes away a lot of the risks and I dislike the approach to say we don’t implement cool features because they might be abused. Yes in every community there are also people without manners, but I don’t want that every decision is based on these guys.

Could u explain yourself? :smiley:

I want to voice chat them because communication is half the fun for me in team games. The team dynamics and the coordination just gives a lot to me. I don’t have time to type out everything. I want to ask for help, make suggestions and shout out warnings or make calls without having to type out everything.

I don’t mind integrating some existing platform. As long as there is some voice chat support, I don’t care from where it comes

That is a good feature request aswell and maybe that should be done first. But still afterwards I want a voice chat :smiley:

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I see typing as basic communication available for everyone who play the game. Voice chatting is advanced communication, not available for everyone. Not everyone would have a mic or wanna use a mic. I have no idea why i would be in chat with some random strangers.

I do see the usefulness for friends / clan / … to be in voice chat. So i do support voice chat abilities into the game for that reason. I dont think AoE II need to reinvent the wheel for voice chat. Why trying to set up your own voice chat if you also can use for example discord integration and use there voice chat for example.

Now with all the Corona and more people working at home, communication by voice chat is more and more popular, but you also hear more about privacy issue, bugs, hacks, … That is why i think you can better integrate a proven program, then make your own.

god yes, i cant wait for gamerwords to be spouted out from LEL when they lose 10 xbows from mango shots.